Your money matters 2/14/22 | Earning Multiple Streams of Income and Switching Jobs | Radio WGN 720


This Valentine’s Day, streaming “Your Money Matters”, personal finance blogger and founder of Mixed Up Money, Alyssa Davies, joined Jon Hansen to discuss the seven different revenue stream categories and how to make them a reality. These included labor income (main job), business income (hobby/side business), dividend income, interest income, rental income, capital and royalty income. She went on to stress the importance of keeping track of all those income streams as well as the money that goes out.

After, Jon is joined by Laura Garnett, performance strategist and author of “The Genius Habit” and “Find Your Zone of Genius,” to talk about changing jobs and changing his stigma. She explained that job jumping used to be seen as problematic, whereas now it’s a sign of someone with high potential. Those who are more aware of when a job is no longer capable of expanding their goals tend to leave in search of something more rewarding. Laura then continued with the points of “Find your zone of genius” and defined the term “zone of genius” as being “a cheat sheet to understand what you are best at and what will satisfy you”, as well than discussed the difference between his own genius and his own purpose.

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