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Which bank is the best place to invest? In addition to daily banking, investing is an important aspect of your finances. With overnight money and time deposits, you invest your money for a short time, with longer investment periods it is best to use ETFs. Some banks grant loans and generally invest according to ethical and ecological criteria, while others offer corresponding individual savings offers. Updated monthly, it shows which savings conditions apply and which principles ethical and ecological banks use.

Pensioner loan – what are the prospects?

Pensioner loan - what are the prospects?

A pensioner loan is an ordinary installment loan that you can obtain from your house bank or online today at the bank’s address. However, there are some significant deviations in the pension credit, as the credit for pensioners is called. You cannot get a loan as a pensioner from every institute.

The reason for this is the high age of the applicant, e.g. over 70 or over 75 years, and the associated increased risk of default. The pensioner loan is particularly risky from the lender’s point of view, as death or nursing damage to the borrower could ensure that the loan is not available. Where do you get a loan from as a pensioner?

Loans for pensioners aged 65 and over are disabled. Some financial institutions give loans to pensioners for these reasons only to a limited extent, while others (see our list) have fundamentally refused these loans. For example, a senior loan usually has a shorter term, a higher interest rate and often lower overall conditions than a senior loan.

There is often an age limit. The bank is also more prudent when it comes to the maximum amount. This means that the credit can no longer be used if a certain age has already been exceeded. Pensioner loans are possible on average up to an age of around 70 years. In this case, it makes sense to ask the lender again.

Proof of a regular income must always be provided when lending. If you can get a loan as a pensioner and where you can get the best conditions at low interest rates, you can find out easily, quickly and free of charge in our credit rating comparison.

Community account for unmarried and married people

Community account for unmarried and married people

Of course there are many advantages to such accounts. This is particularly exciting because there are other legal regulations for married couples, particularly with regard to taxation. What are the benefits of the shared account? A joint presentation is a very nice idea. Numerous consumers open such an account for several reasons. The available funds can be structured better.

There are two people who have got to know each other and live together, who can draw many advantages from it. For example rent, loan or fees for the vehicle. Now everything is collected from the joint account. Throughout the month, it is immediately apparent to both sides how much capital is available in the player’s account.

No more distrust of the other person, now everything is open. Experts point out that general concerns should be addressed. What are the consequences of a shared account? Often the relationship partners do not know what obligations can result from this. So even guilt if you’ve overdrawn the bank account. In the worst case scenario, the money can be confiscated by credit institutions or other institutions, although only one person is used.

In many cases, the bank does not draw sufficient attention to this in the discussion. The bottom line is that both sides should continue to have their own accountability. What kind of unforeseen levies are there? One or two contributions say that a joint account can be used for tax collection.

Difficulties can arise if a larger amount of money flows into the deposit. If you receive an inheritance or life insurance policy on the collective account, the tax office can assume that one or the other side of the tax is to be regarded as a gift for the partner. In the case of unmarried couples, the allowance per person is around $ 20,000.

Particular attention should be paid to unmarried couples: the greater the tax expense, the greater the amount of the donation. The solution is simple: if one side earns a lot more than the other, the tax office can also cause difficulties here. It is important that proof is provided that the money is used for a living.

To z. B. collect assets, e.g. B. in the form of collateral, you should under no circumstances use the joint account. For this purpose, a separate user account must always be set up. In order for the joint account project to be put into practice, it doesn’t just need a bank. Because it would be more than unfortunate if the financial question triggered a shortage of relationships.


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