Top 10 I&M Tips to Heat Your Home and Save Your Money


With the first chilly mornings now under our weather belt this fall, you might be tempted to fire up the oven. Indiana-Michigan Power has a few tips to consider as the cold months approach:

1. Set the thermostat a little lower during the winter months. A customer can reduce heating costs by 2-3% for each degree of adjustment. Changing the temperature from 72 ° F to 68 ° F could reduce an energy bill by up to 10%.

2. Change or clean the furnace filter once a month. Dust and dirt can quickly clog vital parts, making the oven harder and eventually breaking down.

3. Have the heating system inspected regularly. An annual tune-up of $ 50 to $ 100 can help reduce heating costs by up to 5%.

4. Vacuum registers and vents regularly. Don’t let furniture and drapes block the air flow.
Inexpensive plastic baffles can direct air under tables and chairs.

5. Safely repair and / or weather stripping any air leaks in the home. Up to 25% of the energy used to heat / cool homes escapes through air leaks. Areas to check include drop ceilings, recessed lighting, attic entrances, ductwork, door frames, electrical outlets and switches, window frames, and access to plumbing and utilities.

6. Check the exterior of a house or building for air leaks. Check for leaks at the openings of water faucets, air conditioner hoses, dryer vents, and gas lines. Use caulk or expanding foam to seal the spaces.

7. If drafts get under the exterior doors, replace the threshold. If that’s not practical, block out drafts with a rolled up towel or blanket.

8. If a home or building has electric baseboard heaters, keep furniture and drapes away from heaters. It is advisable to leave a space of at least three inches under the heating unit.

9. If a customer has a wood-burning fireplace, have the chimney cleaned and inspected regularly. Burn only fully seasoned hardwoods to produce the most heat.

10. Be extremely careful when using a heater. Place it at least three feet away from anything that can burn, including walls, and unplug it before leaving a room.

Heating assistance programs

Beginning November 1, I&M clients in Indiana can apply for winter heating assistance from various local and state agencies and organizations. To apply, go to and click on “Find an agency”.

Flexible payment options

I&M has options for clients which include giving them more time to pay their bills, as well as setting up payment plans. I&M offers a payment extension that gives customers a few extra days to pay their bill in full and extended payment terms that give customers the option of spreading payment over a few months.

Local and federal aid

I&M works with many organizations to help clients find local and federal assistance. Customers can call 211 or visit for Indiana or for Michigan customers, for information on utilities, housing, health care, and many other types of assistance. They can also find a list of local and federal support agencies at


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