The Top 10 Benefits of Putting All Your Money in Gold


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You like to eat ? Like having a healthy family? So you better deposit all your money in gold right now!

Still not convinced? Check out these amazing benefits:

1) As far as we know, the Federal Reserve has not yet figured out how to print gold: Which means they won’t be able to crater its value.

2) It’s brilliant: And yellow!

3) You can get James Bond’s autograph before cutting him in half with a laser: Make sure you get his autograph before attempt to kill him.

4) When withdrawing your pension, the bank will place it in a free pirate chest: Take care!

5) You can use the word “duplicates”, which is an awesome word: You will be the envy of all your friends.

6) Impress your date after an expensive dinner when you lay a gold brick on the table and say “I think that should cover it”: Nice power move.

7) Can melt and mold into a calf image to worship: You’ll be the coolest guy at your impromptu wild party.

8) Forge a ring into which you pour your cruelty, your wickedness and your will to dominate all life: With enough effort, you can transform into a giant flaming eyeball.

9) Can bury it in the garden then forget where you buried it and on your deathbed whisper “there’s a gold bullion somewhere in the garden” and make your kids regret selling your home and transferring you to a retirement home: Classic!

10) Ron Paul said it: He is right about so many things. It would be a mistake to ignore it now.

NOT SATIRE: No one will protect your retirement but you. Let’s face it. Our economy is in trouble. Experts say the dollar is collapsing. Inflation is at its highest level in 40 years, and economists — and many Americans — don’t believe the Fed can or will fix it. So why would you trust them to protect your financial future? With the ongoing economic and geopolitical crises, experts fear that investors don’t have a safe place to hide in the stock, bond, and crypto markets. Now is the time to protect your retirement by investing in precious metals. Gold has proven to be a safe haven that retains its value in times of economic crisis.

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