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Project description

Located in the airport district city of Wuhan, the goal is to create a commercial shopping center as well as a public space as the hub of the main gateway for community and land use. surrounding. Surrounding the main urban area, Wuhan has four major economic growth poles. This project is located in the “Grand Airport” section in the northwest, and is the third and youngest national development zone in Wuhan. During the historical development of Dongxi Lake, a group of endogenous cities with their own characteristics have been formed, and Lingkong Port New City is its evolutionary scale towards the integration and development of industry and the city.

Embracing the concept of future and dream beyond the horizon, the design of the mall is inspired by the ancient history of Wuhan. Wuhan was once a place flooded with water that formed lakes. For most of the time, the vapor from the lake made the city feel like a cloud dream. Therefore, not only is the largest lake in the province named after Cloud Dream Lake, but it has also become a prosperity symbol of Wuhan’s development.

The mall consists of a five-storey retail mass, which adopts a loop circulation with a retail island typology following the scale of the site. The east side has become the face of the avenue, with the jewel, creating a new landmark of Dongxi Lake with a smart future prospect. On the west side facing the inner street and the site of an office complex, open terraces are created to continue the significant site a landscaped spine to be a destination entrance for the mall user as well as the public, to explore and discover the integration of the park and the commercial aspect.


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