Rams seek early lead to break losing streak against Jaguars


It’s been almost a month since the Rams played at SoFi Stadium. Their last appearance was not full of pleasant memories.

The Rams lost to the Tennessee Titans. Quarterback Matthew Stafford intercepted two passes, including one return for a touchdown.

The loss set off a trend – for the Rams and Stafford – that resulted in a three-game losing streak.

On Sunday, the Rams (7-4) return to the $ 5 billion home owner Stan Kroenke built to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars (2-9).

This is a great opportunity for the Rams, in their boom or bust season, to get back on track for a possible Super Bowl LVI race, which will be played at SoFi Stadium.

That won’t happen unless coach Sean McVay, who has never lost four straight to the Rams, forces his team to play better. McVay named World Series champion Atlanta Braves and Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl champion last season as teams that persevered through midseason challenges to win titles.

“Are we going through a bit of adversity?” Said McVay. “Are we playing the way we can?” I don’t think so, but we played the way we played and we’re going to own it. “

Receiver Odell Beckham Jr. said, “It’s about putting the full game together and rolling this thing.”

Beckham had yet to join the Rams when they lost to the Titans on November 7. Neither outside linebacker Von Miller.

General manager Les Snead and McVay added the two stars to a squad that already included Stafford, wide receiver Cooper Kupp, defensive lineman Aaron Donald and cornerback Jalen Ramsey to ensure the Rams play at SoFi Stadium. Super Bowl Sunday in February.

Neither player had much of an impact in a loss to the San Francisco 49ers. Beckham caught a long touchdown pass in a loss to the Green Bay Packers on Sunday.

But Beckham and Miller’s performances didn’t matter in those games, and they won’t matter in the future unless Stafford returns to some semblance of his early-season form.

Stafford’s mistakes have delayed the Rams at the start of each of their three losses.

Miller compared playing from behind in the NFL to playing golf.

“If you mess up the scoreboard early on,” he said, “it’s a little hard to really bounce off of that on the bottom nine.”

Stafford suffered back and ankle injuries. After the loss to the Packers, he dismissed a TV report that said he had arm problems.

“We have to be more consistent, in my decision making and where the ball goes and how it gets there and all that sort of thing,” Stafford said this week.

Stafford had 27 touchdowns, with nine interceptions. Asking the 13th-year pro to be less aggressive isn’t the answer, said Kevin O’Connell, Rams quarterback coach and offensive coordinator.

“You would really be speaking from both sides of your mouth pointing out some of the times he’s been aggressive and we’re all excited and excited on the sidelines,” O’Connell said, adding, “You never want to take that side away from him. -the.

Stafford was the No.1 pick in the 2009 NFL Draft. On Sunday, the Rams face the 2021 Draft’s No.1 pick, Jaguars quarterback Trevor Lawrence.

The 6-foot-6 Lawrence knew nothing but winning high school in Georgia and Clemson Middle School. Jaguars coach Urban Meyer won as a varsity coach in Bowling Green, Utah, Florida and Ohio State.

The two are having a rough start in the NFL.

The Jaguars lost their first five games before defeating the Miami Dolphins. Three weeks later, they beat the Buffalo Bills. They’ve lost their last three games – to the Indianapolis Colts, 49ers and Atlanta Falcons – but Lawrence is “amazing,” Meyer said.

“We drafted the right guy, and we just need to build an attack around him and keep growing,” Meyer said on a conference call with reporters from Los Angeles. “He was phenomenal. He really started to wrestle and then had a great four to five game streak where his [quarterback] the odds were up, we won a few games and then we kind of reversed it, but these last few games he’s been playing well… we just got to play well around him too.

After playing against the savvy and posed Aaron Rodgers on Sunday, Donald is eager to rush a rookie quarterback.

“But if you get the chance to do that it means we have to lead, play from the front and we have the opportunity to stick our ears back and chase the quarterback,” he said. declared.


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