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The importance of physical activity has been greatly underestimated these days and largely forgotten by many of us due to our busy lifestyles. However, moving away from the comfortable sitting lifestyle for more physically engaging activities will benefit millions of people, and Bownce offers an attractive and affordable solution.

The busy lifestyle, combined with many other responsibilities, tends to push even the very idea of ​​leading a healthy lifestyle into the background. We can’t always find the motivation to try to fit it into our schedules, but that’s okay. Again, it’s about making choices and making sacrifices, even if that doesn’t mean you have to steer clear of physical activity altogether.

However, an innovative sports tech startup, Bownce, believes that this is precisely what we lack – the motivation itself – which is why they decided to offer it via blockchain technology. Combining a psychological aspect with an innovative IoT sports device will make you completely rethink sports and physical activities. Getting active can extend your life expectancy.

The creative minds and experts behind Bownce understand that health is essential for many people and that exercise is the key to a healthier lifestyle. However, since many cannot motivate themselves to play sports, the project aims to do so for them. Specifically, the Bownce team has created a new accessible training tool that allows users to view data, progress, and get guidance for future optimization through an associated mobile app.

Bownce firmly believes that sport should be easily accessible anywhere and everywhere. Additionally, the company launched a sports IoT balloon that allows users to engage in fun challenges and compete with others. The competitive aspect of Bownce’s product can bring people together in ways that were not possible before. For Bownce and many others, challenges are what make exercising and training fun. Plus, getting rewards like professional players makes these “practices” more exciting and engaging. It is in our human nature to keep pushing for higher scores and different goals and to reap the rewards.

What is Bownce?

Bownce is a sports technology startup founded in 2019 in Germany that focuses on offering a new way of seeing fitness and lifestyle to its users. The project is preparing to enter the market around Spring / Summer 2022 and is currently developing the right sports equipment to inspire people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The sports tech startup’s team will launch Bownce, an IoT digital device, which was showcased at the AIBC conference in Dubai. This sports device is packed with micro-technologies that will allow users to track their performance during exercise and monitor strokes, power, speed, accuracy, etc. Of course, all this data will be synchronized with the project’s smartphone application via Bluetooth. Additionally, players will benefit from the support of Bownce and the community to increase their fitness level and relieve stress. This last aspect, the emotional benefit that Bownce’s double punching bag can bring, should not be overlooked.

Based on current statistics, consumers’ desire to engage in outdoor fitness activities has increased significantly in recent months. Up to 47% of people would rather train outdoors and elsewhere, rather than return to the gym. Additionally, 37% of respondents have canceled their gym membership or are considering doing so in favor of outdoor activities.

Bownce aims to create a unique environment that welcomes everyone, regardless of their fitness level, age group, nationality and location. Users around the world are invited to join, as the project aims to inspire them to train, challenge themselves and others, and strive to meet and overcome these challenges. In addition, players can engage in global competition through sporting events. Participants can earn crypto tokens, adding a financial incentive to help people get in shape.

Overcome the challenges

When new products hit the market, building a community and customer base from scratch is essential. One of the biggest challenges is finding that market and that audience, although that applies to any sports tech startup that brings something innovative to the table. In addition, the Bownce community plays a crucial role in this ecosystem. Every member of the community can support and inspire others to use Bownce’s IoT double punching bag for their benefits, whether for fitness, emotions, fun or whatever.

Combining microtechnologies with emerging technologies like crypto and blockchain is difficult enough, but convincing the community that this is a worthwhile product could be even more difficult. In addition to this, there is the need to differentiate themselves from others with a unique brand appearance, preparing a good promotion strategy, etc., which most of the companies have to deal with.

Despite the challenges, the concept of being part of a community that promotes a healthier lifestyle is appealing. In addition, users can exchange stories and experiences with others, strengthening the bonds between them.

Create an exercise-oriented space

Bownce has a unique approach to exercise and training. The team behind the project believe that the lack of such space is one of the main reasons people give up on their healthy lifestyles. As such, there is a lack of motivation and they cannot afford to motivate themselves due to their busy schedules.

However, by connecting them to a global community that shares the same goals and beliefs, presenting them with challenges, achievements and rewards, the project hopes to change that and help people extend their life expectancy by engaging in sporting activities and achieving hours of fun.

Interestingly, Bownce has no competition, although it does have some peculiar market companions. It was inspired by projects that have proven that there is a high demand for sports activities in home environments. As new trends emerge in fitness and health, it’s crucial for companies and startups, like Bownce, to get a head start in these segments. Demand for home training is gaining ground, and Bownce’s product fits that narrative pretty well.

Overall, Bownce has huge potential, but gaining popularity with consumers will remain the top priority. However, as a unique and interesting company, it will certainly attract attention, which encourages its developers to continue to focus on their work and the idea of ​​making the world healthier than ever. Additionally, the bonus of earning crypto tokens can make users stick with their fitness activities for longer periods of time.

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