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MIAMI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 24, 2022–

Lootverse, the first parallel world discovered, has announced its own social network. Lootfeed is an alpha product and can be accessed directly from the interactive map by clicking the news icon in the top bar. Despite the combination of similar features of popular platforms and tools available in the market, it stands out from others by using an innovative payment system created to solve problems such as spam, bots, trolls and many more. ‘others.

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Lootfeed can be accessed directly from the Lootverse map and has an innovative system to fix industry issues. (Photo: BusinessWire)

Lootfeed allows users to post text, images, and videos to their followers and global audiences. They can also send private messages, ask for help and search for information in the library. Just like on popular social media platforms, users can interact and engage with each other. The first five posts and comments are free. After that, a fee of 0.01 Lootian Ticket (LT), Lootverse’s redemption coin, is paid per post and 0.001 LT per comment. For each comment, like or dislike, the author of the post receives 0.0005 LT.

By clicking on the Lootmark icon, displayed as a flag on the top bar of the map, users can search for other people (Lootizens), businesses (gateway operators), and landmarks (destinations) to follow. Each Lootmarked profile costs a minimum of 0.02 LT (about 0.14 USD). Half goes to the profile owner and the other half is burned. Users can also set up a “Swear Jar” to be dropped by those who loot them as a good behavior link, which is burned if the lootmark user misbehaves and gets banned.

“We believe this mechanism will control spam and automatically punish negative behavior. Another plus is that Lootfeed has no ads. The number of global posts allowed per user is defined by their rank in the Hall of Fame, which limits commercial content by leaving more room for organic interactions,” said James Duchenne, CEO of Loot NFT, the company behind Lootverse.

About NFT Loot

Loot NFT administers Lootverse, the first discovered parallel world. Lootverse has 4,880 districts with their own culture, political system and economic activity, where users can register, exchange their Earthian money for Lootian credits to buy and develop their land, play games, shop, etc

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