If you know how to choose fast credits, they are not expensive.


At certain times of the year, there is a real blitz of ads selling the advantages of taking out a quick loan. Although it is true that it is an easy way to get an additional amount of money at any given time, you must be careful, since most of them end up being expensive, with interest that can reach 20%. However, if you know how to choose, there are formulas with which it can be useful to access these types of quick loans.

Quick loans: what hides easy money in times of increased consumption

Quick loans: what hides easy money in times of increased consumption

There are many reasons to request a quick loan, those designed for those times when urgent money is needed and when you do not have to justify a purpose to the entities that grant it. That is, in just a few minutes you can have the requested amount without cumbersome bureaucratic procedures. And these are precisely two of its main advantages: simplicity and speed.

Something that, if you are not careful, can also become a problem, if you use these quick loans more than is strictly necessary. Therefore, before applying for a quick loan, you must know what your financial situation is to know if you are in a position to borrow. Also, you must be aware of what you are going to do. This type of financing should serve as a solution for urgent and unexpected expenses and should never become a common option.

Although fast mini-credits have quite high interests, there are companies that give the option of obtaining, without interest, the first one that is hired, which will only have to be paid. In this case, it is interesting to request one when you need to face an urgent expense and you do not have enough liquidity. It is a financing that usually ranges between 50 and 1,000 USD, with a short repayment period of a maximum of one month.

The average cost of prsonal loans

The average cost of prsonal loans

Another option to get extra money quickly is loans that banks have previously granted to certain customers based on their profile. In fact, it is the entities that offer them. At the moment that the client accepts it, the money will be deposited into his account.

Their cost is sometimes lower than the average of the rest of the personal loans, most have a fixed interest rate and offer more than 5,000 USD. “This fact is causing that the conditions of the previously granted loans are becoming a very important reason when deciding where to pay the payroll to be able to benefit from these if necessary,” they point out in the comparator.

Finally, there are credit cards. Although they are not considered a loan as such, they are a way to get money in advance for purchases. «It is a quick loan that we carry in our pocket and which is already widely accepted. Therefore, it would be enough to verify if we have easy payment and what are its conditions and how to benefit from them.

This is an option that has certain cards with which it is possible to finance specific purchases at advantageous conditions, with an annual percentage rate that even reaches less than 5%.


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