Home Renovation Loan Options For Those of You Who Want to Beautify Occupancy


Lack of funds is not a reason to delay home renovations, especially if your home needs immediate repairs. Calm down, you don’t have to worry, there are many money lending providers that can be used to remodel your home. What home renovation loan can you take advantage of?

Weather conditions have changed dramatically lately, making homes more susceptible to leaky roofs, cracked walls, dull and flaky walls, and more. With the condition of many homes damaged in various areas, it means it’s time for home renovations.

Funding is, of course, the most important thing you need when it comes to home renovations. There are two sources of funding you can choose from, either through an emergency fund or from a fund you have set up for home renovations. But what if the funds you provide are still lacking, or are you not even preparing for a home renovation? A home renovation loan can be a solution for those who want to beautify a home.

Home Renovation Loans You Can Choose

Home Renovation Loans You Can Choose

Credit Without Credit 

Credit Unsecured Credit is a bank loan service, where you can apply for a home renovation loan by simply collecting a number of requirements documents and then obtaining a bank loan. Although it may seem easy enough that you do not have to give up the valuable things you have to guarantee. However, the limit given is likely to be smaller and the repayment period is shorter than the loan with the collateral.

In addition, the approval process also takes longer, even months. This is because the document verification process is quite time-consuming. Because there is no guarantee to be given, banks should be very careful about checking their eligibility before lending. To be able to apply for an ID, you must have a credit card with at least one year in advance.

Renovation Mortgage

Renovation Mortgage

A home renovation loan you can choose from is a mortgage loan. This single loan product is a derivative of the Home Ownership Credit (Mortgage) which can be used for the purpose of home renovation. In these loans, usually, a number of banks cooperate with the cement company. In addition to getting a loan, you can also consult with the cement company for efficient and effective home remodeling tips. It is quite possible to have both consultations.

Top Up Mortgages

In addition to mortgage renovations, banks usually offer to top up mortgage services. With this type of loan, you can apply for a mortgage loan to the bank, and then the bank will conduct an appraisal or revaluation of your home price. The difference between the original value of your mortgage and the value of the appraisal will be used as your home renovation loan. However, the mortgage top-up service only applies to those who already pay half of your entire mortgage loan. Suppose you apply for a mortgage for 10 years, so this home renovation loan is only applicable to those who have paid the mortgage loan for 5 years to be able to apply for a mortgage top-up service.

Online Money Loans

Online Money Loans

Many online lending providers today make it easy to apply for a straightforward, straightforward liquid loan. The reason is, you can apply for a loan without any guarantees and conditions. All you have to do is prepare a Citizenship Card (National ID) and Taxpayer Identification Number (NRP). Also, the process of disbursing the funds is pretty quick, upon filing, you will be notified shortly after your loan is approved. Once approved, your funds will be liquid immediately.

If you need a home renovation loan, then an online money loan may be the right choice. Why, compared to the other lenders’ options above, online lending provides a faster and easier process. In fact, if you apply for a loan today, the funds can quickly melt. However, you need to be smart when choosing online lending services. The reason is, many fintech starters are wearing very high flowers, while the tenor is very short.


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