HLB Science plans to move to Kosdaq


HLB Science, a subsidiary of HLB Global, listed on the Konex tertiary stock exchange, said it chose Shinhan Investment Corp. as lead manager for its transfer to the secondary exchange, Kosdaq.

HLB Science chose Shinhan Investment Corp. as the primary organizer as it aims to move to the secondary exchange, KOSDAQ.

The company is a peptide-based novel drug development company established in 2016 by Professor Park Young-min from the Department of Immunology at Konkuk University School of Medical. It is developing a candidate for the treatment of sepsis (DD-S052) and a candidate for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (DD-A279) as first-in-class new drugs.

DD-S502 is a new treatment concept with a dual mechanism of action that directly kills super bacteria, the cause of sepsis, and suppresses cytokine storm by removing endotoxin derived from gram-negative bacteria. The company plans to conduct phase 1 clinical trials in France in mid-April.

HLB Science aims to maximize business value and scale clinical trials globally by licensing the candidate to multinational pharmaceutical companies.

The primary cause of sepsis is infection with microorganisms, and many patients die from an excessive inflammatory immune response and subsequent immune paralysis,” said Park, CEO of HLB Science. “While existing antibiotics only kill the causative bacteria, DD-S052 will dramatically increase survival rates. by eliminating the bacterium responsible for the sepsis and by neutralizing the endotoxin released by the bacterium responsible.”

The company will repay the support and expectations of its shareholders by successfully entering the phase 1 clinical trial in France this year, registering with KOSDAQ in the second half of next year and soon dismissing the candidate, a added Park.


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