Don’t waste your money: waiting time at the airport


CHARLOTTE, NC – If you’ve tried calling an airline lately, you know you can wait hours and hours for a live person.

But there may finally be some good news, at least from Delta Airlines.

Dana Meier was flying to a meeting of disabled American veterans and barely made it.

“It was horrible, I was on hold for a long time, transferred several times and I could always reach the person who could fix my flight.”

Right now, most travelers were hoping it would be easier to call an airline.

But a recent Wall Street Journal report says it’s still tough, saying “your wait time will be around a million hours.”

Janet Sanders was trying to leave New Orleans before Hurricane Ida.

“When we were in New Orleans trying to get information, we spent half a day. It was a long, long wait.

There are a number of reasons it can be so difficult to reach an airline these days, from staff shortages related to COVID to the fact that so many people are trying to change their flights, or the airline to change theirs. flight schedule.

But Delta Airlines says things are improving.

Delta just added 1,300 call center agents, emailing customers saying, “We know our call wait times have been frustrating. We continue to do everything possible to meet – and exceed – your expectations. Average wait times have been reduced since June and continue to decrease every week.

The points guy suggests:

-Call early.

-Say “existing reservation”.

– Leave a callback number and let them call you.

Dana Meier succeeded, too late.

“It was very frustrating and I ended up missing my flight.”

Finally, The Points Guy says if you can’t reach by phone, try messaging through their app or Twitter.

That way you get by and don’t waste your money.


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