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(WHTM) – The Biden administration just gave gas stations the go-ahead to sell E15 gasoline year-round this year to help drivers save on gas.

But does the E15 really save you money?

Regular gasoline is 10% ethanol in most parts of the United States. With that 10% ethanol from corn, to wean off our addiction to oil. E15 is 15% ethanol.

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All cars sold since 2001 are supposed to be able to drive on it without any problems. E15 tends to be $0.10 cheaper than gasoline, but the U.S. Department of Energy says E15 contains less energy than gasoline and can reduce mileage by up to 5% .

So while you might save 5% on your fill-up, your car might get 5% less mileage, causing those savings to evaporate.

But, according to the “it doesn’t stink” dossier, the other downsides of burning ethanol in your car:

  • It takes a lot of corn (and water to grow that corn) to produce it.
  • Not for classic cars over 25 years old, as it can damage rubber fuel lines.
  • It is not available at many gas stations. So a five-mile drive to find the cheapest fuel will eat up all the money you save buying it.

Remember, if you have to drive several miles to find a cheaper form of gasoline, it’s probably not worth it. This way you don’t waste your money.


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