Bears lose second-half lead to end Matt Nagy era


The Chicago Bears concluded what has been a tumultuous season with a 31-17 loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, in what was a fitting end to the Matt Nagy era in Chicago.

In Nagy’s first game as head coach of the Bears in 2018, Chicago gave the Packers a 20-0 lead, where Aaron Rodgers led Green Bay to a 24-23 victory.

Four years later, in Nagy’s last game as head coach, the Bears lost a 14-3 lead over the Vikings, who made a comeback in the second half to win by two points.

And he did it with the quarterback he wanted to ride with for the entire 2021 season: Andy Dalton, who threw two costly second-half interceptions, including a pick-6, and was sacked seven times.

There’s a lot to be blamed for the loss, whether it’s blankets blown by Chicago high school or Dalton’s turnovers. But the main reason for the loss is the Bears’ execution in fourth place.

Chicago faced three quarters and 1s in the game, and they didn’t hand the ball to David Montgomery. Not once. And guess how it happened. Spoiler alert: Not good.

Montgomery has been the Bears’ most consistent offensive weapon this season. Of course, he had 20 carries for 72 yards. But he was ignored when it mattered most. Ignoring the racing game, another fitting end to the Nagy era.

But nobody really cared about the game, not really. The most important thing is what happens after the final.

Not that there was any doubt about it, but Nagy will be fired. It’s just a matter of when it happens. After all, you think the property will at least let him return to Chicago before the news gets out. Then again, they could make us wait until Tuesday, much like last season’s press conference.

The bigger question is what is going on with general manager Ryan Pace, whose job was considered safe. Many believe that Pace will stay with the organization in some capacity, whether that is as managing director or potentially football operations chief. But there are others who think Nagy and Pace are gone.

Buckle up, Bears fans, the fun is just beginning.


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