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A busy week…

Every year, I always forget that week before Thanksgiving…it’s the week I do…two…two…two papers in one week! So it’s Friday as I write this and next week’s diary will be printed later today, so next week some people can hopefully enjoy some time off.

So the information presented on the front page may be old news by the time this newspaper reaches readers, but the photos are worth a look. For up-to-the-minute information, wsdot.com is the best resource.

I would like to thank Mary and D’Ann, the Peninsula Daily News deliverers, for also publishing the November 18 edition of the Forks Forum, I had no idea when or if it would arrive here. And my heart goes out to the postal workers who received three days of mail with the Forks Forum for delivery.

Between preparing two logs… On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, a lot of time was spent updating social media on road closures, road openings, etc.

I was also in contact with residents of the West End who just wanted to go home. Ken and Judy Schindler had gone to Poulsbo for the day Monday and ended up sleeping in the Walmart parking lot that night. They monitored WSDOT updates and the condition of the Elwha Bridge throughout Tuesday and bought more pillows and blankets for Tuesday night’s sleep in the Walmart parking lot in Aberdeen as they decided that the southern route seemed more promising.

Wednesday morning they headed home and took the White Rock/Anderson Ridge logging road around the landslide at MP 185. They were back around noon and I bet their cats were happy!

Huan Luong asked if I could remind people that this wasn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last time that we were cut off from the world. He asked if I could have pictures of when it snowed several feet in the winter of 1996-97 and the lake was impassable for some time. He suggested people might consider being a bit more prepared. These few days have been a good reminder for that!

I share here a photo that the late Brett Partridge shared with me, taken after the road around the lake was reopened. He stopped for this photo. The other photo, taken a little later, that Birdie James shared with me…it shows equipment trying to cope with the snow that has been there for a long time.

Purveyors were working very hard on Thursday trying to restock the shelves as they had received several truckloads of groceries.

Get ready and happy Thanksgiving!

Christi Baron,



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