5 Amazon Prime pro tips to stop you wasting your money


With Prime Day on the horizon, you might be considering signing up for Amazon Prime for the first time. If so, we’ve rounded up five money-saving tips you can use to get a low-cost subscription and get the most out of your subscription fees.

Use Amazon Household

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If you’re living with someone else who also has an Amazon Prime account, you’re wasting money. You don’t both need to sign up, because you can use the Amazon Household feature and cut the cost in half. This allows you to share your Amazon Prime benefits and digital content with one other adult and up to four children under the same membership fee.

Simply enter the details of the personal account you wish to add to your Amazon Household and they will also receive many key Prime benefits. This includes unlimited free delivery, access to Prime Video, access to Prime Reading, early access to lightning deals and, of course, Prime Day deals. Any digital content held by linked accounts can also be shared: be it books, games or videos.

For child accounts, you can configure them and choose the content accessible on specific devices. So any apps, movies, TV shows, or books you want to keep away from the youngster’s devices can be deselected so they don’t accidentally see what you’d rather they didn’t see. It’s also worth adding that children’s accounts can’t be used to make purchases on Amazon, so don’t worry about surprise purchases – it’s only to give them access to certain content.

Get free ebooks with Amazon First Reads

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Book lovers will appreciate this little-hyped feature of a Prime membership that can get you a free ebook every month.

Amazon First Reads gives you early access to a handpicked range of new or upcoming titles each month. It covers a selection of books from different categories and genres, including crime, contemporary, history, and children’s. Generally, there is something for everyone.

Now, typically, you have to pay $0.99 / £99 for one of these editors’ picks. But Prime members can choose one for free every 30 days. It’s a fantastic little gift that’s a great way to expand your eBook library with new releases throughout the year at no extra cost.

Buy essentials via Subscribe and save

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We have all these household essentials that we buy on a regular basis, usually on the same set schedule every few weeks. But there is a time when we forget them in the weekly shop and everything falls apart.

Subscribe and save on Amazon (opens in a new tab) is one way to avoid this, as it gives you the ability to set up regular orders for a whole host of household items and groceries. And, as a bonus, you pay less for those repeat orders – up to 15% less when you set up five or more.

The service is fully customizable and flexible, so you can choose the frequency of receiving items on a schedule that best suits your usage. And it’s easy to change it to be more or less frequent if needed. In addition, you can also cancel a subscription at any time, if it turns out that you don’t really need toilet paper, dishwasher tablets or coffee beans every three weeks.

Search all exclusive coupons Subscribe and save (opens in a new tab) which further reduce the cost of these items as these can be combined for even greater savings. And we would all appreciate any opportunity to pay less for these essentials right now.

Claim bonus Amazon credits and subscriptions

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So you’re all set up with a cheaper Prime account that you’ve also shared with your household. Now, you can get some bonus credits and freebies as Prime Day approaches that can help you save on your next shop or try some of Amazon’s additional services for free. These offers vary by region, but here’s what you can get today.

For the United States, you can collect more than $100 in credit by performing a few actions on your account. The easiest to fill out is the Prime Stamp Card. All you have to do to get a $10 voucher to spend on Prime Day is place a qualifying Prime order of $5 or more, watch a show on Prime Video, listen to a song on Prime Music, and play. borrow an ebook through Prime Reading.

It’s just to start. Alongside that, you can shop household essentials for a $20 credit and earn up to $10 when you purchase a Lightyear movie ticket or related merchandise. (opens in a new tab). Finally, Prime members have another chance to get over $60 in credits (opens in a new tab) by performing more actions on your account before Prime Day.

As for those in the UK, all current Prime Day bonuses are listed on the main sales page. (opens in a new tab). In terms of cashback offers, there’s £10 off your first three groceries and an additional £5 when you top up your Amazon account with £60 or more.

There are even better deals for anyone interested in trying out some of Amazon’s additional subscription services. Usually, you can try the majority of them for around a month at no additional cost, but that introductory free period was extended ahead of Prime Day. Today, you can get Music Unlimited, Audible, or Kindle Unlimited for up to four months without paying a penny. This is an amazing bonus if you love streaming music, listening to audiobooks, or reading e-books. Oh, and for gamers, here are 30+ free games via Prime Gaming.

Subscribe to an annual subscription

Admittedly, this one starts before you even hit the button to become an Amazon Prime member. Of course, your first stop should be the 30-day free trial. (opens in a new tab) which is available to new subscribers and anyone who has not been a member in the last 12 months.

It’s not an option for everyone, so the best way to save is to pay for your Prime membership every year.

Prime costs $14.99 per month or $139 for an annual subscription (opens in a new tab) – that’s a saving of $40 if you opt for the bulk option. Similarly, in the UK, Amazon Prime costs £7.99 per month or £79 for a one-year subscription. (opens in a new tab) – make a smaller but still reasonable saving of nearly £17 if you pay upfront.

Naturally, this large one-time payment might not be a viable option for most. Also, if you really only want to be a member for big events like Prime Day, it doesn’t make sense to choose this option.

However, for those who expect to use the many Prime benefits throughout the year, it is best to choose an annual plan in order to pay less overall.


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